Biggest breaking happenings in 2014

Much like every other year, there are numerous occasions that have taken place in 2014 and some simply deserve more references than others. From Ebola outbreaks to unrecovered planes, occasions happen across a diverse platform in the traveling, well-being, entertainment and lifestyle scenes. Based on my compilation, here are few occasions that shook the world and these are events that the year 2014 will be recalled for. I'm unsure if I have touched on all of them but at least these will be the events that are most remembered. Do feel free to add in the opinions below in the event you believe there are any other significant occasions that I have left out and should be contained.

2014 marked one of the biggest catastrophe in the history of civil aviation business. The passenger flight MH17 was shot down when it was flying through the war torn Ukrainian air space. 298 people onboard the plane died. While Pro Russian rebels claimed liability of the shooting, it's still not clear whether it was a planned attack or a consequence of mistaken identity. This occurrence has brought individuals anxiety as most travellers are now worried at the thought of flying on an airplane.

Winter 2014 has also been recorded as the coldest winter in several cities in USA. Many cities including Philadelphia, New York and Chicago recorded the snowiest winter in history. Though I have no expertise in climate and weather issues, I still go on to speculate that these happenings are a few of the effects of global warming. While 2014 is going to be recalled as one of the coldest years, specialists called that such trend may continue for few years into the future. I cannot really be positive if such information is enough to convince our politicians that something must be done and that the menace of global warming is real. I certainly expect this is accepted by them as a truth of truth and certainly will come to their sanity. In addition, I hope that all humanity could join hands so that our planet can be saved in doing something.

Not all of us can remember the price of petroleum at the time when the international monetary crisis began in 2008. Back then, oil cost was in the reach of $60 per barrel. The following years saw petroleum cost creeping up to the highest point of $130 per barrel, considerably to the pain of many househould owners who saw their utility gas invoice doubling. Ultimately in 2014, the oil collapse occurred and it plunge back to the pre-2008 level. All along I thought that lower oil cost would be great for typical guy like me but I was puzzled when I read that such low cost is actually not good for the global market. By the end of 2014, several US cities had their gasoline prices. 2014 looked like the year that American vehicle owners will recall the most.

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This list is certainly not an exhaustive list and you also may remember for events other than what are listed here. But if we see things with the exact same eye, the world will be such a boring place to reside in. And depending upon your interests, you can see some occasions as more important than I do.