Few things to know about Strangest Places on Earth

Our planet earth has some quite fascinating areas that anyone will relish visiting if presented with the chance to do it. Many strange places exist, but the weird of them will all surely make you go gaga. For someone like me who enjoys traveling and hunting for things out of the ordinary, I thought it would be nice to be put together a listing of a number of the most bizarre places to go to. I have added them to my list although I have not been to almost all of them and I will undoubtedly give them a visit if there is a chance. The list I have shared below is not exhaustive of all amazing bizarre areas on world and you will don't hesitate to leave a remark with other incredible websites not included.

In this era of technology and 21st century science, lots of us would not buy the concept of superstitions and talking to the dead. Lily Dale needs to be the most eerie area on earth. Integrated back in 1879, Lily Dale is a spot that's built with the purpose of religious progress. Lily Dale is the best setting for those of us looking for a location where their souls can be filled by things beyond material value, folks not frightened by the entire idea of talking to the imperceptible or the hidden. Induction courses are conducted all-year round with the likes of Wayne Dyer and Deepak Chopra being some of the most notable guest lecturers there.

One shade that seems to be the favorite of many people is blue and one possible explanation could be that according to the color theory, looking at blue colour gives peace and stability. Found in the northern region of Africa when mentioning strange places on our continent, it is not easy to omit the blue town of Morocco. Place against a backdrop of picturesque mountains, painting and every building in this town is finished using a blue color. The town is also a favorite tourist destination and is characterized by affordable simple to locate accommodation. Only imagine what it has to be like to walk on any road and see nothing but blue buildings and structures everywhere. It's something for me and I am hoping I'll get the solution soon.


Varosha is a city in Cyprus that has turned into a ghost town. Unlike its glory days as one of Cyprus' favored tourist spot, this city is now nicknamed the Ghost City as it has definitely no inhabitants. Following the Turkish invasion of 1974 which drove all residents away from the town, it has never been inhabited again. Post-invasion, the city was left abandoned in its exact form as before the invasion took place. The city seems just like it did in 1947, minus the residents that once resided there if you take a look at it from a space. Thinking about walking into this town that is uninhabited merely rouses a thrilling feeling that is freakish.

Mine was merely a small compilation of the very bizarre of areas that are found on our planet. Frankly, my imagination is outdone by these areas and finding the presence of these areas instructed me to have a more open mind. I still love to give some of these weird places a visit some day though they sound too scary for me. Even though it is said that a picture speaks a thousand words, what you feel unless you really step into these places, and experience cannot be achieved. I will try to keep my list up to date as I find more unusual and extraordinary spots.