Why The Blender Is The Best Kitchen Appliance

No matter who you talk to, they’ll have their favorite kitchen appliance. Some love the dishwasher, those are the people who probably have lived without one and can’t stand to go back to those horrible conditions! Others will choose the stove, because it enables them to cook food for their family, and bake beautiful cakes, the possibilities of what comes from the oven are endless. I’m a little different than the pack, and live with the people who vote the blender as the best kitchen appliance.

The blender isn’t too expensive of an appliance. That is, if you don’t splurge and go for the top of the line, which let’s be honest, is my dream come true, but at $500, that’s something I’d have to save up for. My trusty blender cost me under $200 and does everything I need it to.
I personally am a baker at heart. What I am not is someone who works out their arms every day. You can see where this would be a problem when blending the thick batter. That’s where the blender comes in handy. Just dump the ingredients in, blend up for a few seconds and then you’ve got the nice, smooth consistency of cake batter that you need. And there aren’t any surprise crispy crunchies of raw dough in your baked surprises.

Another thing I love are smoothies. I just don’t have the money to go out every night and buy one at the local ice cream parlor. Then, there’s the off season where even if I wanted a smoothie, the place is closed. Any time I want a smoothie, I just whip out my blender. Even better is that I have complete control over what goes into my mixture. If I don’t want sugar in there, then I don’t have to add sugar. If I want cucumbers and blueberries, which isn’t hear of in many circles, I can put that right into the mix.

A blender might have a lot of technical aspects that make it supreme but the fact that you can make anything from cakes to smoothies, to even soups make it a very versatile appliance. Like I said, I can’t afford to go for the $500 model, but with that you can put vegetables and make a mean green juice. There many come a day when I invest in the mother load of all blenders, but for now, my little blender will do the job just fine. If you are thinking to get a new blender, check out the blender reviews comparison.